Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision

Refund Policy Guidelines for ACCES-VR Funded Students

March 21, 2012

TO: Licensed Trade and Business Schools/Computer Training Facilities

FROM: Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision

SUBJECT: Refund Policy Guidelines for ACCES-VR funded students

Previous to the above date, some schools have been allowed to have specialized enrollment agreements approved for ACCES-VR funded students which indicate in some manner that the student refund policy will be that which has been agreed upon between the school and the funding source (ACCES-VR) and that, since the student provides no funding for the training himself or herself, no other student refund policy is necessary.  This practice can no longer continue.  In accordance with ACCES-VR Policies and Procedures 410.00, "For programs regulated by the State Education Department (SED), such as Part 126 schools, the refund policy will be determined by the methodology established by SED through enrollment agreements or other similar documents..."

The Bureau's past practice coupled with the ACCES-VR policies and procedures have resulted in a patchwork of refund practices that is neither uniform for all ACCES-VR funded students nor appropriate regarding the protection of public funding.  Therefore, effective immediately, all licensed private schools and registered business schools must adhere to the same State mandated refund policy for students funding their own educations or for students utilizing other forms of financial aid.  Those refund policies can be found in Section 5002(3) of Education Law and Section 126.(d) of Commissioner's Regulations. Please note that any refund of monies paid on behalf of the student by ACCES-VR must be refunded to ACCES-VR and not to the student

Schools having previously approved enrollment agreements which do not include the State mandated refund policy must resubmit new enrollment agreements to the appropriate Education Team Bureau Liaison immediately for reapproval. 

Any questions regarding this change, enrollment agreement approval, or other issues relating to this topic should also be sent to the school's assigned Education Team Bureau Liaison.  Inquiries regarding to whom refunds should be directed can be made to the ACCES-VR Business Office Manager of the office authorizing payment on behalf of the student. 

Last Updated: March 21, 2012